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Victrola Premiere V1 Soundbar System

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The Victrola V1 Soundbar System, with built in Record Player, Bluetooth Streaming and Wireless Subwoofer Premiere V1 Soundbar System with built-in Record Player, Bluetooth Streaming and Wireless Subwoofer is the best sounding and best-looking record player stereo system ever made. Designed to fit in your home, Victrola engineers have paid meticulous attention to the details, making listening to music a stylish, simple, and great sounding experience. The system pairs the V1 Stereo Turntable and S1 Subwoofer and includes powerful internal stereo speakers, Bluetooth® streaming, TV connectivity, and a multi-function remote control. The V1 system sets up in minutes, takes up very little space, and sounds like a high-end stereo system. 

First of its kind

The V1 Soundbar System is the first of its kind to incorporate a premium turntable, powerful internal stereo speakers, and a wireless subwoofer to make listening to your music easier than ever. Simple to setup and operate, The V1 Soundbar System will fill an entire room with sound for an amazing audio experience previously possible only through costly, complex, and unattractive home stereo systems.

Proprietary Technology for Superior Performance

The V1 Soundbar System’s turntable features patent-pending anti-vibration technology and wireless subwoofer for a crisp and clear listening experience without sacrificing volume of bass response that most often come with a traditional all-in-one record player solution. The metal platter, silicone slip mat, and uniquely designed dust cover create the perfect fusion of record protection and design, so your system can seamlessly integrate into any room in your home. The system also includes Victrola’s first high-performance moving magnetic cartridge, the VPC-190, and custom aluminum tone arm to recreate the dynamics of a high-end premium audio system with a wider frequency response and specified downforce. 

Wireless connectivity allows you to stream music to the built-in, custom tuned speakers from a Bluetooth-enabled device. You can also stream your favorite albums to an external Bluetooth speaker through our exclusive Vinyl Stream technology. The built-in optical port and included multi-function remote control instantly turn the system into a high-end, stylish television soundbar. 

With unique technology, meticulous design, and premium components, the Victrola V1 Soundbar System delivers unparalleled sound quality that will create lifelong music memories in every home.

  • Premium 2-Way, internal stereo speaker system producing incredible sound reproduction

  • Patent-pending anti-vibration belt drive system allows your records to be played crisp and clear at high-volumes without distortion from speaker vibration

  • Metal platter with silicone slip mat protects your vinyl and will last for years to come

  • Powerful 6.5” wireless front-firing subwoofer

  • Multi-function, illuminated control knob with built in voice confirmation

  • Metal tonearm with adjustable counterweight and anti-skate features to protect your records

  • Multi-function metal remote control for easy volume and source control from anywhere in the room

  • Vinyl Stream technology allows you to stream your record to any external Bluetooth speaker

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