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Victrola 50 Watt Wood and Linen Fabric Bluetooth Record Player with 3-speed Turntable


Our distinctively designed Hampton Record Player is wrapped in woven fabric and built from real wood. 

  • Beautifully crafted from real wood and woven linen fabric.
  • Record player with 3-speed belt driven turntable (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM) plays all of your vinyl records and favorite albums.
  • Built-in Bluetooth wirelessly streams your favorite music  from across the room. Up to 33 feet of range.
  • Linen wrapped Speakers feature 50 watts of total power output.
  • Belt drive reduces noise and ensures consistent playback sound.
  • Professional quality Metal tone arm with durable Ceramic Cartridge.
  • Measures 27" x 26" x 9".

Model # VM-130-FOT-EU

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