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Victrola Stream Troubleshooting

Contact Victrola Stream Support:

For Victrola Stream inquiries
+1 877-553-6079

For Victrola Stream Custom Sonos installation
+1 877-565-4092

Turntable FAQ

General troubleshooting:

Check to see if your turntable and Sonos speakers are up to date by going into the Victrola Stream app, clicking your turntable, going to "About turntable" and hitting "Check for Update." Update if needed and let the turntable reset for about 2 minutes.

For your Sonos system, open the Sonos app, click the bottom right settings wheel cog, click system, scroll down to system updates, and then click "Check for updates." Once that is complete, force close both apps and open them again and retry connecting the systems together.

Next, check your router or your app for your router and ensure there are no updates required for this device. If there are, update and wait for the system to reset.

Why is my turntable not spinning?

Ensure you have correctly installed the platter belt and selected a record speed using the speed knob. To check that the belt is still installed correctly, remove the slipmat and rotate the platter to confirm the belt is stretched around the motor spindle.

Why is my turntable playing part of a song in a loop?

This is typically caused by too much anti-skating force. Adjust the anti-skate knob LOWER to prevent outward force on the tonearm that causes a groove to be played in a loop. Continue to LOWER anti-skate if problem persists.

Why won’t my headshell tighten to the tonearm?

Slight pressure must be applied to the headshell into the tonearm to ensure the headshell reaches the locking mechanism of the tonearm.

Why is my turntable making a humming noise?

A humming noise is usually caused by a ground loop issue or dust on the record and/or stylus. Ensure there is no dust on the record or stylus. If the problem persists, removing and reinstalling the removable headshell will usually fix this issue. Ensure there is no dust on the end of the headshell when it is reinserted into the tonearm.

Do the Victrola Stream turntables work with older generations of Sonos?

Yes, the Victrola Stream turntables work with both S1 and S2 Sonos products.

Software FAQ

Why is my turntable not showing up under “available devices” to connect to my network?

You must allow Bluetooth and Location permission in the Victrola Stream app to see nearby turntables.

My Sonos speakers don’t show up in the Victrola Stream app to set a default speaker or group?

Ensure you have connected your turntable to the same network your Sonos system is on and your turntable and sonos speaker software are up to date. If you still do not see your Sonos speakers in the Victrola Stream app, force close the app and open it again.

I connected my turntable to my network, but it is not showing up on the Victrola Stream app main page?

If your turntable has been connected but is not showing up, try to force close the Victrola Stream app and open it again.

My turntable is connected to my network but not streaming to Sonos?

Follow the below steps to troubleshoot turntable not streaming to Sonos after setup:

  • Ensure you have selected a default sonos speaker or group within the Victrola Stream app
  • Ensure autoplay is enabled within the Victrola Stream app
  • Ensure your turntable software is up to date by going to the “About Turntable” section in the Victrola Stream app and making sure no update is available.
  • Ensure your target Sonos speakers are powered on and connected to your network
  • Ensure your Sonos software is up to date using the Sonos app
  • Re-trigger the autoplay function by moving the tonearm back to the resting position and then beginning playback again
  • If your turntable will still not stream to Sonos, try a soft reset by powering your turntable off (press knob for 5 seconds – knob will flash white twice) then power back on (Press knob for 1 second – knob will flash white during boot, green while connecting to network, and flash white twice once connected)
  • If a soft reset of the turntable does not work, attempt a reboot of your Sonos speaker by disconnecting it from power, waiting 10 seconds, and then connecting back to the power. Wait a few minutes for your Sonos speaker to connect to the network.
  • If neither soft resets fix the problem, attempt a hard reset of the turntable by a) press and hold the knob for 15 seconds (knob will flash red) or b) press “factory reset” within Victrola Stream app under additional settings. The turntable will reset, and you will have to add the turntable back to your network and set the default speaker or group again.
  • If your turntable will still not stream to Sonos, contact Victrola support

Why is my audio skipping in and out when streaming to Sonos?

Skipping while streaming is most commonly caused by poor network quality. Follow the below steps for improving streaming quality:

  • In the Victrola Stream app, adjust the wireless audio delay under “additional settings”. First adjust to MEDIUM and see if the problem is fixed. Continue to increase the wireless audio delay if the problem persists or try one of the below options to improve the connection quality. Note: after changing the wireless delay, you may have to return the tonearm to its resting position and then begin playback again to allow the turntable to adjust the audio delay.
  • If possible, move your turntable closer to your Wi-Fi router
  • If possible, connect your turntable directly to your home network using an Ethernet cable

Why is my knob flashing orange?

Flashing orange signifies an issue connecting to your network or Sonos system. If the flashing orange light does not go away after a few seconds, follow the below steps:

  • Ensure turntable is connected to your network (if it shows up in the Victrola Stream app while your device is also connected to network, then turntable is connected)
  • In the Sonos app, ensure your target Sonos speaker is online and available
  • Ensure your turntable software and Sonos software are up to date
  • Use the additional steps under “my turntable is connected to my network but not streaming to Sonos” above for additional troubleshooting steps

How do I change my Wi-Fi network or factory reset my turntable?

To factory reset your turntable, either select “factory reset” under the additional settings in the Victrola Stream app or press and hold the illuminated knob for 15 seconds (knob will flash red during reset)

How do I begin playback to Sonos if I do not want to enable autoplay?

To begin playback without enabling autoplay, press and hold the illuminated knob for 1 second to set turntable as source for default speaker or group. This can be done while the tonearm is in the resting position or playing a record. Use the same method (press and hold knob for 1 second) to stop the Sonos playback session.

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